My First Breath


We stayed in a traditional Arab home owned by a couple that worked with Pavilion Dive Centre by hosting their students every time they were on a trip to Musandam. The house had a huge courtyard in the middle which we used to barbecue our meat and veggies before snuggling up in blankets and watching documentaries about ocean conservation. The white walls with baby blue trims of the property added to the oceanic mood, that and the heavenly perfume of the ocean accompanied by the music provided by the waves.

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Sight For Sore Eyes

George Street

So I decided to pay attention to my surrounding a bit more closely than I usually did on my walks back home in New Brunswick. I had been passing the same string of stores from Rockoff to Scott Hall for the past three years now (considering I am an English major, Scott Hall had been pretty much the only area I had classes in). It is interesting how, over the span of three years, a lot has changed (for the most part) on that particular strip of George Street, while at the same time, a lot hasn’t. The stores remain the same, the restaurants remain the same, and the buildings themselves for sure remain unchanged. Continue reading Sight For Sore Eyes