Enchanted Dust

Enchanted Dust.jpg

Enchanted dust

With curves diminishing

Sharing their last words


Enchanted dust

Bewitching the seed —

Oh yes, I am going to plant it here


Uncovering his earth toned home

Made of clay

Liberate him from lonely walls


Sprinkle him into the hole


He takes a breath

As he dives

Into creation


He coats the roots

As it penetrates through him

Onto the void beneath


Watering the nature

Of which he is now a citizen

Fueling him

So he can take his morning walks

Into every leaf

Every petal


Speaking words

That fly through the winds

Riding pollen

Into our ears


Whispering poetry

That melts into the juices of the fruit

Into our mouths­ —

Oh how sweet


Resident of the everlasting

He gives us a taste

Of immortality


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